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CFSA has five types of emails you can sign up for—four different monthly newsletters and action alerts from our Policy Team.

How to Sign-Up

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About CFSA’s Newsletters

CFSA has four monthly newsletters that can be sent directly to your inbox. Subscribers can sign-up for all four or just one.

  • The Stew – News about CFSA and sustainable agriculture around the Carolinas.
  • Grower’s Toolbox – News for farmers from our farm services team (e.g., grants, grower resources, research articles).
  • The Buzz – News our policy team wants you to know about food and farming.
  • The Training Ground – A digest for farmers of upcoming CFSA workshops and events

Want to see examples of each newsletter? It’s always nice to know what to expect. Here’s one for The Stew, one for Grower’s Toolbox, one for The Buzz, and one for The Training Ground.


About CFSA’s Action Alerts

Sample action alert from CFSA's policy teamWant to know when to take action (and what to say) on timely policy issues? Our policy team will send you an email explaining the issue and how to take action. Notifications are available for state (North Carolina, South Carolina) and federal issues.

Want to sign-up? Follow the directions above for how to subscribe to a newsletter (action alerts are also on that page).


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