Last Chance for Small 农场s, 本地食品在NC预算

by Nick Wood, CFSA宣传经理 |周五8月. 6, 2021 —



北卡联大是 negotiating the 2022 state budget right now, and CFSA is fighting for a combined $4 million to grow markets for NC small farms and expand access to local food for families in need. Your state representative needs to hear from you now about how important this money would be!

CFSA is advocating for new funding for two initiatives in the state budget:

  1. 200万美元 农场sSHARE程序 to expand markets for local food and reduce food insecurity. 农场sSHARE提供免费服务, weekly box of locally-grown food from NC farms and food hubs to people in need across the state. 到目前为止, 农场sSHARE已经分发了超过35份,000 CSA-style boxes of local food from small and mid-sized farms to food-insecure households, and this funding 将 allow even more farms and families to benefit.
  2. $2 million to help small farms earn Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification. GAP certification is required for farms to sell food to many 学校, 政府, 和食品杂货店. Certification must be renewed annually, at a cost of $1,200或更多 every year. This funding would help local farms cover those certification costs, 允许他们进入新的市场, and increase access to local food for consumers, 学校, 和其他机构.

Can you make one three-minute phone call today?


Ask Your NC House Representative to Invest in 农场sSHARE and GAP Support

如果你住在北卡罗来纳州,请打电话 你的NC众议院代表 and let them know you support the public investment of $2 million for 农场sSHARE and $2 million for GAP support.

下面是一个您可以使用的脚本 (根据你的喜好调整):


“你好,我的名字是 _________ 我是选民和选民 (tell them if you farm or are part of a food hub)

我打电话来催促 代表 _________to support small and mid-sized farms by including 200万美元 农场sSHARE program and $2 million to support farmers in obtaining and maintaining Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification in the state budget.

农场sSHARE was created as a response to the need for emergency food relief due to the pandemic; it provides a free, weekly box of locally-grown food from small NC farms to households in need across the state. 200万美元将提供约47美元,000 boxes of locally sourced produce from 80 local farms and 10 food hubs to 6,000个需要帮助的家庭不需要他们付出任何代价.

我也敦促 代表…… to support a $2 million appropriation for cost-share support for farmers to obtain and maintain Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) food safety certification. GAP certification is required for farms to sell to 学校, 政府机构, 还有很多杂货店. It is also costly: farms often have to purchase expensive equipment, and they have to pay certification fees every year of $1,200或更多.

Your support of this funding is crucial to supporting small and beginning farmers to become and stay GAP certified so that they can scale up their business, 进入新市场, and increase access to local food in our communities.



Remember: If your call is routed to an answering machine, please leave a message. It 做出改变!



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