Honoring Bill Dow

We lost an organic farming pioneer when William “Bill” Dow passed away in December 2012.

Bill believed passionately in local, organic food and farming, which did not really exist in the late 1970’s when he started Ayrshire Farm in Chatham. Bill was a trailblazer – setting up Farmers’ Markets across the Southeast, including the Carrboro Farmers’ Market, and being one of the first farmers in the Carolinas to achieve organic certification – all before local and organic was in demand.

To honor this pioneer, and in recognition of the high standard he set for the current generation of sustainable farmers and conscientious consumers, we have established the William W. Dow Scholarship Fund. Gifts to this fund will aid beginning farmers in attending the annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference.

Bill was ahead of the curve – indeed, he bent the curve – but in order for today’s beginning farmers to continue to grow a vibrant, sustainable local food system, they need training, networking, and mentorships. bobapp苹果的 Sustainable Agriculture Conference is the premier forum for networking and education for local and organic agriculture.

Thank you for honoring Bill, for believing in new farmers, and for investing in sustainable agriculture with your contribution.

Want to contribute to the William W. Dow Scholarship Fund? You can do so in three ways:

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