CFSA Policy Team Achievements in 2021

By CFSA’s Policy Team (Nick Wood, Jared Cates, & Matt Kneece) | Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021 –



This year has been quite a year for CFSA’s policy work. Our policy team and our members were active on the local, regulatory, state, and federal levels, advocating for policies that support equitable, local, organic, sustainable agriculture in the Carolinas.

在可持续农业宣传方面,未来一年将面临许多挑战和机遇. But before we look forward, it is essential to look back, reflect, and celebrate the accomplishments over the past year.

bobapp苹果很高兴与大家分享CFSA 2021年政策成果的亮点:

  • NC Budget Included FarmsSHARE Funding: 北卡罗莱纳州的预算中包含了一笔200万美元的拨款,用于CFSA的farmshare项目. The funding is enough to purchase approximately 47,北卡罗来纳州为有需要的人种植了来自当地农场和食品中心的农产品和蛋白质箱. 如果不是几十个“农场共享”的合作伙伴与他们的州代表和参议员会面的草根倡导,这一胜利就不会发生, CFSA members calling 他们的立法者,以及重要的直接游说努力.


  • Pushed for SCDA Funds to Include Local Food Systems: In South Carolina, CFSA成功地游说南卡罗来纳农业部,将2400万美元用于当地食品系统基础设施建设和营销拨款,列入该部门向州长提出的正式申请. These funds will directly support the growth of food hubs, farmers’ markets, meat processors, value-added producers, bolstering South Carolina’s local food economy. 预计SC大会将于2022年初批准这些建议.


  • Trained Members to be Policy Leaders and Advocates: bobapp苹果发起了会员倡导计划(MAP),对CFSA会员进行草根倡导方面的培训, coalition building, networking, direct lobbying, storytelling, writing op-eds, and more. In the program’s inaugural year, we empowered two dozen farmers, local food business staff, 以及来自北卡和南卡的当地食品倡导者成为他们社区的政策领导者.


  • Co-Founded the NC Food System Advocacy Coalition: CFSA came together with farms, food hubs, food banks, food security organizations, food councils, farmworker advocates, environmental justice groups, 并建立了北卡罗莱纳州食品系统倡导联盟(NCFSAC). This diverse group is unified around racial equity, strengthening local food markets, food security, climate and agriculture, and food-system workers’ rights. 该联盟对国会进行了游说,并领导了一项农业教育法案 campaign 来自80多个农场和组织的200人参加了这次活动.


  • Empowered Food Councils: The network of the thirty-six food councils 他们的政策知识和宣传技能继续增长. CFSA supported this work by co-leading the 2021年社区粮食战略宣传和组织学习系列, which included ongoing trainings, follow-up meetings, Facebook Live broadcasts, and collaborative calls. 这些活动授权30多名食品理事会成员与地方和国家一级的食品政策问题联系,磨练他们的政策和宣传技能.


  • 全州范围内改善粮食系统弹性的建议: CFSA和北卡罗来纳州的食品委员会成功地向北卡罗来纳州县专员协会(NCACC)的2021年粮食系统弹性工作组进行了宣传. The NCACC resilience report included many of their recommendations, including food system assessment, utilizing public transportation for food delivery, increased public cold and shared storage options, increased public support of local food marketing, 鼓励当地实体使用美国救援计划法案的资金来支持食品系统, 以及一个用于抵消农场设备和良好农业规范认证成本(GAP)的国家级基金。.


  • Advocated for Funding for Food Recovery Resources: bobapp苹果与北卡的地方食品委员会合作,倡导为北卡州推广食品安全实验室提供资金,为熟食回收活动提供资源和培训. This effort 得到了北卡罗来纳健康联盟和北卡罗来纳餐饮和住宿协会的游说支持,导致2021年的拨款为67美元,500 in the North Carolina budget.


  • Guided Federal Agencies on FSMA & Meat Processing: CFSA就几个问题向联邦公报提交了技术指导和意见, 包括美国农业部5亿美元的肉类加工能力投资,以及FDA根据《bobapp苹果》(FSMA)提出的繁重的农产品追溯规则。.


  • Created Awareness Around Small-Scale Meat Processing: We co-authored an article 由国家可持续农业联盟发布的bobapp苹果小型肉类加工问题的报告. 这篇文章探讨了牲畜加工部门瓶颈的历史和原因,并研究了可能的解决办法,如融资进展和现实的赠款结构. bobapp苹果将利用这一问题摘要开展教育和宣传工作,使牲畜加工具有复原力和可持续性.


CFSA政策团队包括Jared Cates, Matt Kneece和Nick Wood. To learn more about each of them, check out our staff page. 了解政策动态和宣传机会, subscribe to the team’s monthly newsletter, The Buzz.


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